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Have you ever heard about a group of women from "Chacocente" They recycle and protect the environment by making incredible bags out of the same bags you get in the grocery store and supermarkets. Yes The same bags you usually throw away...

Our project called "weaving for nature" was born out of an initiative of WIDECAST and Fauna and Flora International to decline the pressure on sea turtles on the beach, as well as an economic alternative for groups of women who previously raided the nests of sea turtles and commercialized their eggs. From this origins Fauna and Flora International created the opportunity for the women to make products such as bags, purses and belts to offer to the public. The products are made of used plastic bags that can be found on the beaches where the sea turtles have their nests . The women collect the bags and threat them by a difficult system of disinfection for making the different models.

What do we want:

  • Reduce the emission of plastic in the environment and reduce mortality of sea turtles because of plastic.
  • Develop socio-economic alternatives for communities that are financially sustainable.
  • Promote the participation of women in the microenterprise.
  • Create ethical products that conserve the environment

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